It is a fact of life that people lose teeth. It may be due to decay or trauma, but when you lose teeth, you want to get them back as quickly as possible. Here is the process of getting dentures.

Begin by discussing with your doctor if you need a partial dentures or a full set. If you only have one or two teeth that are missing, you may be a candidate for a dental implant. If you have some teeth that remain healthy, you may want to think about a partial denture. Many patients find that they are much happier with the partial than full dentures.

Persons that require full dentures or a full upper or lower set of dentures often find that an implant that holds the dentures in place is a worthwhile investment. For some people, the implant makes the dentures more effective and comfortable. process of getting dentures.

Once you have made these decisions, you dentist will determine if more teeth need to be pulled. Expect about an eight week time of healing for a tooth extraction.

Once your gums have healed, the dentist will use wax to make an impression of the gums. This impression is sent to a dental lab for use in preparing a try in set of dentures. process of getting dentures.

Once the try in set of dentures has been prepared by the lab, it will be returned to your dentist and you will return for another appointment. These dentures will be used to judge appearance, comfort, fit and bite. The dentist will note any changes and return the dentures to the lab where the final dentures will be made.

When you go home with you new dentures, you will want to begin by eating soft foods until you adjust to your new teeth. process of getting dentures.

Your dentist will talk with you about the need to have dentures relined on occasion. This process of getting dentures keeps the dentures fitting well in your mouth and makes it easier for you to chew your food.

People need dentures for many reasons. Perhaps you have tooth decay that has progressed so that repair is not an option or have lost teeth due to a trauma. You can have your smile back and improve your eating and speaking.