If you have received dentures recently you may worry that you will never get used to them. It can be very difficult to lose your own teeth and then have to get accustomed to false teeth. But you should relax. There are many people who have received dentures. Getting used to dentures is something that each of them had to do in their own time.

To get used to dentures, you want to start by eating soft food. You may find your gums need to get used to the denture, or you may be having trouble keeping them in your mouth. An upper denture may be particularly difficult to get used to. Often, experts say you will take at least a week per decade of age to get used to your new teeth, but this can be different from person to person.

As you get more used to the denture, you can work up to more solid foods. You might feel like your mouth is overly full, especially if you have had tooth loss for some time. Be patient. You will get over this feeling in time and begin to enjoy the way your new teeth look. Remember that until you get used to the way the new teeth chew you should take small bites. Don’t worry if you can’t get through an entire meal. By keeping the teeth in as long as possible, and working at keeping them in longer for each following meal, you will begin to get used to them quite quickly. getting used to dentures.

One of the things that can affect this process is how sore or damaged your mouth is when you first receive your dentures. If you have been dealing with tooth decay and mouth problems for some time, your mouth may be very sore. This can make the time it takes to get used to your dentures much longer than if your mouth is in good shape.

The kind of dentures that you have can also influence how long it takes to get used to dentures. If you have a partial denture that attaches on to your other teeth, they will feel much more secure and you will be more confident about them. There are denture adhesives as well that may be used if your denture is loose fitting. getting used to dentures.

Remember to ask your dentist how long they want you to keep your dentures in at a time. Do they want you to take them out at night, or do they say it is better for you to keep them in all the time? You should follow this advice, as well as learn how to take care of your dentures properly. Brush them with products designed for dentures, not regular toothpaste. Toothpaste can scratch your dentures and allow bacteria to form.

If you have recently received dentures, be patient. By taking your time and working at your own pace you will find that you get used to dentures quite quickly and you can get your old feeling of confidence back. getting used to dentures.