If you have received dentures recently, you may have mixed feelings about the process. On one hand, you may be feeling happier and more confident with a new smile. But you might also be having a lot of discomfort and you may be starting to wonder whether it was a good idea after all. If you take the time and go slow, you may find that getting used to new dentures is not as hard as you might think.

You might have to change the foods you eat, at least for the first little while. Although you are probably looking forward to eating a steak, that should not be your first meal. Start by eating softer foods which can be easily chewed. No matter how well the dentures fit, they are not your own teeth and will chew differently. If you have an upper denture you may find that it is even harder to get used to keeping them in. A lower denture will rest on your bottom gum, but gravity may cause problems for a free fitting upper denture. Many people who have dentures say that for every decade of life, it will take you one week to getting used to new dentures.

You may need to build up the amount of time you can keep your dentures in. You should try to keep your dentures in a little longer every time you eat a meal. Over time, you will find you can last the entire meal. Taking small bites of food and chewing slowly can help. If you would feel better, try eating at home for your first few meals until you are able to keep them in. You may feel less self conscious that way.

Some people who have had teeth pulled will find they have a lot of mouth soreness. If you are finding that as well, you will find it takes longer to getting used to new dentures. You may want to speak with your dentist to find out how long you should wait before starting to wear your new teeth. You need to make sure you are following this advice since you don’t want to do any permanent damage. Rushing things may end up causing the healing process to take longer in the end.

Are your dentures free fitting, or do they clip into other teeth? If they clip or fit onto other teeth, you will find they usually feel more secure. This can help you getting used to new dentures faster. A firmer fit will make you more confident overall. A good denture adhesive will also help give you added security and confidence.

Your dentist will be one of the best resources if you have any questions. In addition to finding out when you can start wearing your new teeth, you should also ask if you should take your dentures out at any point. If the dentist has a preference, follow it. You should also make sure that you clean your teeth with a product designed for dentures, not teeth. This is because regular toothpaste can scratch them. If they get scratched, bacteria can form and make you ill.

Taking the time to properly care for your dentures and break them in slowly can be the best way to get used to wearing them. Dentures may be uncomfortable at first but in the end, the added confidence they give you makes them worth it.