Dentures can be a mixed blessing. Many people get fitted with them and love the way they look, but find getting use to dentures is more of a challenge than they thought. Remember that it may take time and that you should be willing to work at your own pace. Here are a few things to make that process a little easier.

It is not hard to getting use to dentures but it may take a bit of dietary adjustment, at least in the beginning. You should start out with soft foods rather than heading straight for a steak or anything hard to chew. The thing that you have to remember is that you need to getting use to dentures the way the new teeth feel and chew. Many people have more problems with an upper denture than with lower teeth. Experts who have fitted dentures and denture wearers agree that a good rule of thumb is one week per decade of life to getting use to dentures having new teeth.

Working up to solid food can take time, so be patient. It is better to take your time rather than push the process and get frustrated. If you keep your teeth in as long as possible with each meal and only take them out when you have to, you will find you can keep them in longer with each meal. It may be strange to have a mouth full of new teeth, and they may feel odd when you are chewing, but you will getting use to dentures. It can help if you take small bites as well.

There are a few things which can affect how long you will take to getting use to dentures. Did you have a lot of tooth decay? Was there a lot of damage to your gums and mouth? This can happen sometimes if the teeth were broken when they were pulled. Stitches or digging for teeth in the jaw can hurt. This can make it harder to getting use to dentures since your mouth will be sore and will need to heal.

Partial dentures that attach to other teeth will be firmer and easier to get used to. If your dentures are loose, it will be harder to getting use to dentures. If they are loose and you do not feel confident, try denture adhesive. There are many different brands and formulas so you will be able to find one that works for you.

Your dentist will have guidelines such as how long to keep your dentures in at a time. They may also have recommendations for how long they want you to wait to start wearing them. Follow this advice and don’t push it. Remember that they have been used to dealing with dentures for some time. This may be your first time with dentures, so take time and follow your instructions as closely as possible. You want to make sure you are brushing them with a product designed for dentures, not teeth. The last thing you want is to scratch their surface and let bacteria build up.

Dentures do not have to be a painful process. If you take your time and work up to it, you can wear your new teeth comfortably and with pride.